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Vítají Vás australští ovčáci Gentle Mate


Youth Champion of Czech Republic, Youth Champion of Slovakia, Champion of Czech Republic, Youth Winner of Middle and East Europe 2003, Winner of the Special show KCHMPP 2004, 3x Best of Breed, 4th place EURODOGSHOW Bratislava 2003 (Youth class)


BREED: Australian shepherd                                                                                                                                        

DATE OF BIRTH: September, 12th, 2002, import from USA 

SIRE: Las Rocosa Tsunami Bull, DNA-CP,   AKC DNA Profile V190537 (blue merle with white markings and tan points), OFA Good (hips)

DAM: Las Rocosa April, DNA-VP, AKC DNA Profile V249555 (red with white markings and tan points)  

BREEDER: Joseph E. Hartnagle („Las Rocosa“ kennel, Kiowa, Colorado, USA, ASCA Hall of Fame Kennel #1)  

REGISTRATION NUMBER ( Czech Republic ): CMKU/AUO/25/-03/02


DNA ANALYSIS (American Kennel Club): AKC DNA Profile V254045

TYPE OF COAT, COAT COLOR: medially long, red merle with white markings and tan points

EYES COLOR: Left eye – amber     Right eye – amber with blue spot

DENTURE: Full dentition, scrissors bite

HIPS: Radiographs were taken on September, 9th, 2004 – evaluated in USA on October, 14th, 2004 by Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, OFA AS-19997F24M-PI (OFA hips Fair = FCI B1)

ELBOWS: Radiographs were taken on September, 9th, 2004 – evaluated in USA on October, 14th, 2004 by Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, OFA AS-EL1374M24-PI (OFA elbows Normal )

EYES EXAMINATION: Eyes will be cleared yearly (last checking 3th of October, 2006)

SPECIFIC NOTES: Robust dog of medium size, height at the withers – 57 cm.

Our Rusty is very clever, sharp and overprotective, so he is watching us every day and every night. He doesn’t like unknown visitors, but he welcomes our friends, especially, when they have got some goody in their pockets. He is swaggering as a king and looking proudly around with expression „Look at me, how gorgeous I am.“ Occasionally he sports, that aristocracy has weaker moments too – when he starts running behind squirrel, hare, joggers or bicyclists.

He is very loving and affectionate dog.


For watching: in the doorway, he lies prostrate behind the door like a doormat.

For relaxation: on the sofa, he lies rolled-up to ball with head on the pillows. 

Rusty is standing at stud to approved bitches. His bloodline combines show line “Briarbrook” and working line “Las Rocosa”  





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