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Vítají Vás australští ovčáci Gentle Mate

One say, that every live being has got its star in the universe.

On our websites shines reflection of our trouper companions in life -

please, come in and let their starry brightness to get into you for a while.    


G E N T L E   M A T E!  



My name is Mariana Weberová.  Gentle Mate is a small kennel situated on the periphery of Prague, capital city of the Czech Republic. The kennel exists since 2004 and my way to Australian Shepherds takes few years.

Everything begun, when I started to look for a breed answers to my lifestyle and activities. The first dog in my life was white shepherd GROF Z VRCHÁNOVA „Floyd“. Floyd was good dog with friendly nature, very affectionated and devoted, but he had problems with his hips – severe dysplasia with arthrosis. He passed away in August 2006, at the age of eight years. Still during his life  I begun to look for another suitable breed – and  I discovered superb breed, which engrossed my heart - Australian Shepherd.  

My  first aussie, red merle male Ch., JCh. LAS ROCOSA RUSTY BULL „Rusty“ comes to me from USA, from world-famous kennel „Las Rocosa“ in Colorado (ASCA Hall of Fame Kennel # 1) in 2003. He filled all our expectations and with his love, devotion, agility and cleverness entered my heart. Of course, once I have one aussie, I couldn’t stay by this one!

My second aussie, black tri lady JCh. RISING SUN TRUE & GENTLE MATE „Sharie“ comes to me from USA too, from „Rising Sun Farm“ in Minnesota in 2004. She is my sweetheart and best friend for Rusty.

And my third aussie - red tri male ARIJE MI SION GENTLE MATE  „Grizzly" is a son of Rusty and Sharie.

On these sites you can meet all our dogs, you find here information about our breeding goals, planned litters and some informations about the breed too.  



All texts and pictures on these websites are in possession of kennel GENTLE MATE.  

                                                                               All rights reserved. Copyright © Mariana Weberová, 2007